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An accessory that combines the beauty and energy of a handmade product with the benefits offered by copper.

Easy to wear and moldable on any type of wrist, the copper bracelet brings back the charm of handmade jewelry! The skill and patience of artisans is translated into a unique product, worked with care.

The role of magnets

The human body is made up of magnetic fields.
Modern electrical equipment reduces the amount of magnetic force in the air.
Magnetic copper bracelets allow the system to absorb the copper that is missing from the body, and at the same time, small magnets inserted at each end of the bracelet allow the body to absorb magnetism by compensating for the loss of magnetic force in the air due to electrical interference.
(eg computers, microwave ovens, high voltage wires, and all electrical appliances).

These magnets are about 1200 Gaussian each.
They are bipolar or like a string of magnets placed together and are strong enough to penetrate the skin, giving additional magnetic force to our body.

Good to know:

Wear the bracelet on the negative side. Right-handed people should wear it on their left hand, and left-handed people should wear it on their right hand.





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